September 2018
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Welcome to the Kalahari Reds Website.

This website is dedicated to offer information and news concerning  The Kalahari Reds. We will also post dates and venues of future events that may be of interest to you. Should you have any news that you would like to share or a question you may want to ask, you are more than welcome to do so by either calling us or completing our enquiry form and sending it off to us.

About Kalahari Reds

After having achieved good success with boergoat breeding we took the challenge of breeding a new variation of colour and the Kalahari Reds were developed. Interest in the Kalahari Red breed is widespread, and has come from a far afield as Australia, Brazil and the USA. The hardiness of the breed, its excellent walking ability and good mothering attributes make it ideally suited to the harsh conditions predominant in large parts of South Africa, Australia, Brazil and the USA.

What benefits does farming with Kalahari Reds offer?

  • the hardiness of the breed
  • its excellent walking ability
  • good mothering attributes

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2013 Groot Kampioen Ram – Baba

 Reserwe groot kampioen kalahari ram Tollie Jordaan

2013 Reserwe Groot Kampioen Ram – Donkerman

Reserwe Groot kampioen Kalahari red ooi Tollie Jordaan

2013 Reserwe Groot Kampioen ooi – Debra


2013 Junior Kampioen Ram – Donkerman

Grand Champion ram Junior Champion Doe
2012 Grand Champion buck “Patchie” 2012 Junior Champion doe

 Senior & Reserve Senior Ram

Senior & Senior Reserve Buck 2012 – Shell & Caltex

2011 World Senior & Grand Champion buck “Johnny” 2011 World Senior & Grand Champion doe“Smartie”
 2010 World Senior & Grand Champion buck “Ramkat”  2010 Senior & Grand Champion doe “Liggies”
 2009 Grand Champion buck “Tenk” 2009 Senior & Grand Champion doe – “Surprise”
2008 Junior & Grand Champion buck “Escavator” 2008 Senior & Grand Champion doe “Rubie”
The hard work, ethic and extreme dedication to quality and improvement which inspired Jordania Embryo and Live Export Centre to begin its quest is just what will keep it ahead of the field. For many, many years to come.

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