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2015Beste Kalahari Red telers,

Besoek ons gallery vir ‘n paar fotos van die bokke wat na ons veiling toe gaan, 15 Oktober 2015 te Pretoria.
Die ooie het begin lam en daar is lammers oral. Ons spring behoorlik rond om alles reg en mooi te kry vir die veiling. As ek so tussen die ooie rondloop en ek sien die kwaliteit lammers dan kry ek heimwee oor my besluit wat ek geneem het. Die besluit is egter geneem en hierdie is ‘n geleentheid vir die hele Kalahari Red bedryf om die top bloedlyn te versprei. Hierdie veiling gaan elke teler, groot en klein, die geleentheid bied om uitstekende diere te bekom.
Daar was nog nooit in die geskiedenis 300 sulke kwaliteit diere op een veiling nie. Ek is dankbaar dat elke teler die geleentheid kan kry om van die diere te koop. My uitgangspunt was nog altyd dat ek glo die Kalahari Red bedryf is groter as telers. Dit het gegroei tot ‘n volhoubare bedryf omdat ons met sulke pragtige top diere werk.
Ons het altyd gestreef daarna om kwaliteit aan te bied op veilings en hierdie is die kersie op die koek vir ons stoet. Daar is nie net top groot diere nie maar ook klomp jong diere wat nog ongewissel is. Ek sal later van die jong diere se fotos stuur.
My pa het altyd gese: Dit is maklik vir ‘n stoetteler om een of twee top diere te teel maar onthou die diere teel terug na die gemiddeld van die trop waaruit hulle kom. Ons bedryf is baie gesond en hierdie veiling gee elke teler die geleentheid om diere te koop waarvan hy persoonlik hou. Daar sal iets vir elkeen wees.
Moenie die geleentheid misloop nie.
Dear Kalahari Red breeders,
Please visit our gallery for a few photos of the goats that will be on offer at the auction on 15 October 2015 in Pretoria.
The ewes are busy lambing and there are lambs everywhere. We are very busy getting everything ready for the auction. I am sad when I walk among the goats about the desicion I took. But I made that desicion and this is a very good opportunity for the Kalahari Red breeders to acquire top blood lines. This auction will give all the breeders, big and small, the opportunity to buy excellent animals.
Never in the history of the Kalahari Reds 300 goats of this quality were on one auction. I am thankful for every breeder who will have the opportunity to buy some of these animals. My view is that the Kalahari Red industry are bigger than breeders. It has grown to a sustainable industry because of the beautiful animals we work with.
We always strive to offer good quality at the auctions and this auction will be no different.
My dad always said: It is easy for a breeder to breed one or two top animals but remember the animals breed back to the average of the herd they come from. Our industry is healthy and this auction will give every breeder the opportunity to buy animals which he personally likes.
Do not miss this opportunity!





Beste Kalahari Red vriende,

Besoek ons gallery vir foto’s van die ooie wat aangebied word. Pictures of the females on sale on our gallery.

Dit is die mooiste ooie wat ons nog aangebied het op ‘n veiling. Daar is 10 x 9 punte en 30 x 8 punte ooie wat verkoop word en hulle is dragtig van Patchie so daar behoort pragtige lammers gebore te word ook.

Hoop om u Donderdag, 16 Oktober 2014, te sien. Hope to see you on Thursday, 16 October 2014.




Beste Kalahari Red vriende,

Besoek ons gallery vir foto’s van die ramme wat aangebied word op Donderdag, 16 Oktober 2014, se veiling te Pretoria.

Visit our gallery for pictures of the bucks that will be on sale in Pretoria on Thursday, 16 October 2014.

Baie besonderse ramme word aangebied, 3 x 9 punt ramme en 6 x 8 punt ramme.
3 of them are 9 pointers and 6 are 8 pointers.

Ram 1186, Slipoor, was die 8 tand Nasionale Kampioen en 2296 Donkerman die 6 tand Nasionale Kampion.

Ram 2433, Regop, was 3de in 2 tand klas en 3083 Midnite was Reserwe Junior Kampioen.

Ram 2237, Oupa, was 2de in 2 tand klas.

Any questions, please call me on 082 499 6609




Dear Kalahari Red breeders,

It is almost time for our annual production sal again on 16 October 2014 at Sebriana Estate in Pretoria (same venue as kalahari red club sale last year).

We are busy grooming the goats and feeding them, so that they will be in good condition for the auction. They are exceptional goats, especiallythe older does 3 – 4 years. I used them in my stud and I bred them to my top stud buck, Patchie, so the buyer will buy excellent breeding material. Remember that most of the does are pregnant with twins, so you will buy 3-in1.

We took some of the auction does to the Eastern Cape Championship show in Somerset East and am blessed to say that we did very well. The Senior and Reserve Senior doe will be on offer at the auction in Pretoria.

We will post individual photos of the goats on sale at a later stage, as soon as they have been inspected.




Kampioen Ooie
Senior & Junior Grand Champion doe


Kampioen Ram
Senior & Junior Grand Champion buck

Dear Kalahari Red breeders,




Dear Kalahari Red breeders,

We arrived in Willowmore on Sunday 23 March 2014 with two trailors full of Kalahari Red goats. The town are dead quiet, only few people are on their way to church. Every small town has their own characteristic monument, usually the church in the middle of the town. It’s wonderful to see that all races worship a living God. I thank God for the opportunity to experience this again in Willowmore.

We arrived at the showgrounds and were the first people to offload Kalahari Reds. There were a few boergoats from Karsten stud. We started to wash and feed our goats so that they could have a good rest before the show.

The next four days the competition were fierce. Good competition, stressful and humoristic moments. The hospitality was excellent. Because Willowmore is a very small town, everybody joined in the evenings at the showgrounds. There was a function every evening. I have to congratulate Kobus Lotter and his team with an excellent job. The facilities at the showgrounds were excellent and everything went well. The judges did a great job judging the animals and everybody were satisfied and I didn’t hear any complaints. Although everybody was in serious competition during the day in the ring, we had a good time in the evenings. The breeders who didn’t attend the show in Willowmore, missed out on a great event.

We are thankful that our goats did very well. The Grand Champion ram as well as the Grand Champion doe came from our stud. The quality of the animals were of a very high standard.

Photos of the show and animals:


Grand Champion Buck


Grand Champion Doe






2013Dear Kalahari Red breeders,What a blessing! We had a fantastic auction and we also had very good rain, 3 inches for the past 3 weeks!Our veld has changed overnight and the goats have a lot of food now.Our auction was a huge success due to all the interested buyers. We had clients from Botswana, Zimbabwe and all over South Africa.Thank you for all your support, we appreciate it!It was also very nice to see all our old friends and clients at the auction, whether they bought goats or just came to support us, truly appreciated! And thanks to the new buyers who bought goats from us for the first time. We hope you will be very happy with them.Thank you to CMW for all your help. It is always good working with you.Our motto is to serve the Kalahari Red industry with good quality animals and by this way to stimulate the market. The quality of the goats on auction was outstanding. Thank you Jaco for the beautiful goats you had on sale too.

We had 100 does and 10 rams on offer at the auction. The most expensive ram, Houding, was sold to Stefani Hanekom for R80 000.

Duurste ram verkoop deur Tollie Jordaan aan Stefanie Hanekom vir R80 000

The most expensive doe from Jaco was sold for R32 000 to Peter Kirby.

Duurste ooi verkoop deur Jaco van Rensburg aan P Kirby van Gaborone vir R32 000

All the animals were sold for an average of R10 832.
Thank you to our Heavenly Father for His blessing over the auction.
We hope all the buyers will get beautiful kids as the does must start lambing soon and that you will be satisfied with the next generation!

Dear Kalahari Red breeders,

By now you all must have heard about my accident with a buffalo and where I was saved from the death by Jesus Christ. It is a miracle that I am alive.

A buffalo bull almost killed me. He was our main breeding bull. The younger bulls worked him out of the herd and he ran away. We found him in the National road and we chased him into a small camp and then into the boma and just as we closed the gate he got a freight and stormed. I was next to the gate. I ran and tried to jump onto the fencing of the boma, but the buffalo got hold of my leg and threw me over his back and pinned me to the ground.

I realized the end is near. I started to pray and told Jesus that I am ready to go if He wants to take me, or He must help me. He answered my prayers and the buffalo turned around and walked into the boma and left me there on the ground. Paul was on the roof of the boma trying to get the buffalo’s attention and it just looked at him and stood there in the boma peacefully. That gave Peter the opportunity to pick me up and take me out of the way so they could close the gate of the boma.

I had a lot of pain in my chest and face. I thought I had internal bleeding and that my liver or milt burst. My one leg and my scrotum were torn open and I fractured 3 ribs and my one lung collapsed. On my arrival at the hospital they took me immediately for surgery and they put a drain in my lung. My cheekbone was also broken and it had an influence on my vision. The second evening they took me back for surgery where they had to stitch up all my wounds. I was in ICU for 3 days before they dit surgery to my face.

They had to put 2 titanium plates in my face so that my vision could be better. It is just a miracle that I didn’t hurt my organs. By this time I have recovered almost 100% already. I am also very excited to know that I got another chance in life and that God wants to use me for His work. I don’t know what He wants me to do but I am sure that I have to live each day to the full.

I want to thank you all for all your prayers and support, it carried me through the difficult time.

I am almost 100% fit again and can now divert my attention to the upcoming sale.

The goats are beautiful and of a very high quality. See our auction page for the pic’s of the goats.

Make a note of the date and use this opportunity to buy some of the best breeding material available.

Tollie Jordaan


Dear Kalahari Red breeders,

The new year lies ahead of us and as I am thinking back to 2012, it was an exceptional year for the Kalahari Red industry. The goats that we learnt to love, surprised all of us and the interest in them grows day by day.

There were a few highlights:

The National Club auction in March 2012, held in Pretoria, was an outstanding one. The average price per ewe were R7 000 and all the animals were sold. The price for the most expensive ram was R65 000. The buyers were Joubert Fourie and Jan Beukes.  The seller was Tollie Jordaan.


Thereafter the National Show in Pretoria took place. Congratulations to the Bosveld Club with the excellent presentation and all your hard work. It was a great success. Thank you to Johan Boshoff and his helpers – it was great .

There were good competition and it was good to see how the goats improve every year.  The following breeders had champions:

Junior Buck: Tollie Jordaan


Junior Doe: Tollie Jordaan


Senior Buck & Reserve Senior Buck: Tollie Jordaan











Senior Doe & Grand Champion Doe: Albie Horn

Grand Champion Buck: Tollie Jordaan











Grand Champion Doe: Albie Horn











Reserve Junior Buck: Peet van Vuuren

Reserve Junior Doe: Albie Horn

Reserve Senior Doe: Jaco van der Merwe

Reserve Grand Champion Buck: Peet van Vuuren

Reserve Grand Champion Doe: Jaco van der Merwe

The National record for the most expensive ram, R71 000, was paid in October 2012 at an auction in Vryburg. The ram was sold to Gallie Brits and the seller was David van der Linde.


Congratulations to David with this big achievement.

Our production sale took place on 18 October 2012 in Pretoria. There were a lot of interest and the auction was a great success. The average paid per ewe was R4 900. We had 80 ewes on offer. The most expensive ram was sold to Peter & Deidre Kirby of Botswana for R70 000.

Peter & Deidre Kirby








We thank the Lord every day for the opportunity to work with these beautiful animals.
May 2013 be just as a good year and good luck to all the breeders with their auctions.

Tollie Jordaan


Geagte Kalahari Red telers,
Na ons amptelike jaarlikse Kalahari Red Klub veiling is dit vir my ‘n wonderlike voorreg om hier te sit en hierdie brief te skryf om al die telers geluk te wens met die kwaliteit van die diere wat op die veiling aangebied is.Ons wil ook baie graag van die geleentheid gebruik maak om die KOPERS te bedank vir hul teenwoordigheid en baie dankie vir al hulle moeite.Ek dink daar is ‘n baie groot toekoms vir die ras veral in Afrika lande. Ons het kopers gehad van sover as Ghana, Madagaskar, Botswana en dan Suid-Afrika.Wat ‘n lekker veiling was dit nie! Dit is lekker as daar 5 mense is wat op een bok bie en die veiling laat waai. Soos Jan Beukes gese het: “Dit loop soos stroop…suikersoet!”Dit is regtig waar lekker om so veiling te hou as daar mense is wat belangstel in die diere.

  • Ons het 141 ooie verkoop vir ‘n gemiddeld van R7760.29
  • Ons het 14 ramme verkoop en hulle gemiddeld was R16 214.29
  • Die duurste ooi is deur Johan Grobler aangekoop teen R21 000.00
  • Die duurste ram is verkoop aan Jan Beukes, Joubert en Tobie Fourie vir R65 000.00 wat die Nasionale rekord prys ewenaar.

Baie geluk aan die kopers en baie dankie vir julle ondersteuning. Ek is seker dat hierdie diere ‘n impak sal maak op julle stoeterye. Dit is baie lekker om aan so ‘n Kalahari Red familie te behoort en so ‘n veiling wat ons gehou het was voorwaar lekker.

Die aand voor die veiling het ons ook ons jaarvergadering gehad wat mooi vlot verloop het en alles het baie goed gegaan.

Politiek in ons bedryf is maar soos in enige ander bedryf en ek wil vir almal wat geduldig was en vernaam Andre Pienaar, ons voorsitter, baie geluk wens en baie dankie se, dit was ‘n goeie vergadering en daar is goeie besluite geneem.

Wanneer julle julle notules ontvang, lees die besluite noukeurig deur en kyk daarna sodat ons die bedryf 1ste kan stel en nie onsself nie.

Ons se baie dankie vir Andre vir sy harde werk en baie ure wat hy insit vir die bedryf, ons weet dat hy dit doen met liefde.

Dan wil ons dankie se aan die Liewe Vader vir die wonderlike ras wat ons het om mee te kan boer. Dankie vir die geleentheid, dit is lekker om met sulke diere te werk en dit is voorwaar ‘n voorreg om dit te kan doen.

Geniet julle bokke. Onthou nou is die tyd dat die ramme moet werk. Daar is ‘n mark en daar is ‘n toekoms vir die ras waarin ons almal soveel tyd en liefde bele.

Die van u wat nog nie lid is van die Kalahari Red klub nie, aangeheg is ‘n lidmaatskap vorm, vul asb in en fax of email terug vir ons en betaal asb. u ledegeld.

Kalahari Red groete aan almal

Dankie nogmaals vir julle ondersteuning.


Rondekop – SA record price buck sold for R65 000
Doe sold for R21 000

Once a year after the show I try to download new photo’s on the website as well as news regarding the Kalahari Red industry.

I am speechless about how quick the years have passed by. The Kalahari Red breed is now a breed with many stud breeders and it is truly a beautiful goat. Congratulations to all the breeders who helped to improve the breed so fast. After the World Championship held in Lichtenburg, I once again realized what an achievement it was to improve the breed in only 16 years to what it is now. Our breed is not only productive, they are beautiful too. In general, the bone structure of the breed improved a lot. We can still work on the hindquarters. Our numbers increases the whole time and there are still new breeders entering the market.
We are in a very exciting part of growth in the industry. After an article was published in the Farmers Weekly in January 2010, I had so many enquiries from people of Africa-countries who are interested in the Kalahari Reds. People from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Nigeria as well as Botswana contacted me. I think there is a big future in Africa for our goats.

Snotneus was sold for R51 000 on the show sale in May 2011

Stud bucks used in stud currently

Rondekop Ramkat
Stud bucks used previously
Don Reserwe
Kuif Escavator
Spot Boetie
Tarzan Dikkes


The hard work, ethic and extreme dedication to quality and improvement which inspired Jordania Embryo and Live Export Centre to begin its quest is just what will keep it ahead of the field. For many, many years to come.

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